Our Services


Life Insurance

We provide both long-term and short-term payment and coverage options for life insurance. Life insurance ensures that your family or chosen beneficiaries are financially protected in the event of your death. If anyone depends on your income for their financial well-being, such as a spouse, child, or parents, life insurance is essential. It offers peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be safeguarded against financial hardship if you are no longer here to provide for them.

Disability Insurance

Our disability insurance offers protection for your income in case you become disabled and unable to work due to an illness or injury. We understand that household expenses do not cease when you are injured or ill. Disability coverage allows you to continue making payments for your mortgage, automobiles, utilities, and everyday living costs.

Critical Illness Insurance

Our critical illness insurance provides coverage in the event of a major illness diagnosis. When a major illness prevents you from working for a certain period, critical illness coverage ensures that your income is protected. Your household expenses continue even when you are ill, and this coverage allows you to make payments for your mortgage, automobiles, utilities, and everyday living costs.

Medical & Health Insurance

Our comprehensive medical and health insurance policies cover the cost of private medical treatment, including hospitalization and healthcare services. Whether you are diagnosed with covered illnesses or experience an accident, our insurance provides financial protection for your medical expenses.

Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance is a life insurance policy designed for companies to protect their business revenue and continuity in the event of the death of a key individual. Whether it is an owner, top executive, or critical personnel, this policy safeguards the business from losses caused by the absence of key personnel.


Systematic Saving for Retirement

Our short-term and mid-term saving plans help you accumulate savings conveniently. You can start saving a fixed amount on a monthly basis over a period of time, with protection for the saving amount.

Child Higher Education Fund

Our insurance plan assists you in creating a corpus for your child's future education expenses over a specified period.


Insurance Trust Policy

Our insurance trust policy provides a structured approach to estate planning and legacy preservation.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We offer comprehensive estate and legacy planning services to ensure the smooth distribution of your wealth according to your wishes.
For more information about our services and how we can assist you in preserving, accumulating, and distributing your wealth, please feel free to contact us.


In addition to our specialized services, we also offer a range of general insurance options to meet your specific needs. These include personal accident insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance, home and fire insurance, foreign workers insurance and maid insurance.